Future of Medicine

The future of medicine is here in Cape Girardeau and just as important as saving lives, it’s giving patients back their quality of life. PC Medical Centers is proud to be the first integrated medical clinic in the area serving a patient population that would otherwise be headed for life altering joint or spine surgery. Ahead of his time, Dr. Pursley at PC Medical Centers says he recognized a need to improve the quality of life for his patients without sending them to surgery. “There just seemed to be such a large gap in treatment options for patients with joint and spine dysfunction that they went straight from physical therapy to surgery, there had to be other options”. This quest led him to gather a team of visionaries, all leaders in their respective fields, and open the first integrated medical clinic in the area.

So what makes them different you ask? They use regenerative rehabilitation to promote healing within the body. Regenerative rehabilitation uses physical rehab paired with regenerative medicine and chiropractic to improve patient’s function. Studies show that regenerative rehabilitation is more successful than either regenerative medicine or rehabilitation therapy alone. “We use stem cell injections and other regenerative therapy to help the body heal itself, while using therapy and chiropractic to improve function and prevent further degeneration”.

But does it work? In the two years since the clinic has opened they have helped countless patients avoid joint and spine surgery with great success. “Life changing” says Connie, a former patient at PC Medical Centers.

I’ve had multiple problems with my spine and joints. I’ve exhausted all methods of alleviating the problem. Had never gone to a facility like PC medical so I tried! Im only about two or three weeks in and very optimistic now!! They have achieved what no one else could!!! Would definitely recommend PC medical. Very nice people and so easy to work with and they care deeply about what they do.


Very knowledgeable staff! They address any concerns at each visit. Went in with extreme plantar fasciitis pain in the heel and foot some days unable to walk comfortably. This office has gotten me walking very comfortably now with minimal pain .


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