Love Yourself With Self Care

It’s already the end of February 2020 and Valentine’s Day has come and gone. With so much focus on loving and taking care of your significant other we often forget to love ourselves. This matters more than you know. A Harvard study in 2016 points out the importance of loving yourself in order to give more to others.

What is loving yourself? Loving yourself is reconnecting to you. The you that you love being. The you that is happy, smiling, having positive “self talk”, that appreciates yourself, and is not frustrated, angry, short, grumpy or tired. So what can you do?

Here are some examples, tell yourself how awesome you are, meditate, take a walk, get back to nature, take a bath, play some music, dance, watch a movie, eat out, get a massage, quality sleep, yoga, get a chiropractic treatment, do something that inspires you, or treat yourself to something you love! The list is endless.

We have all heard the saying “You can’t fill someone else’s cup if you don’t fill yours up first” but how often do we put this saying into practice? Our lives are busier than ever with more commitments pulling at us from all sides. How about making a commitment to yourself? Put you on the calendar first to re-invigorate yourself and it will fill you up so you can give to others.

I know what you’re thinking. Yoga? Chiropractic treatment? Massage? What do these have to do with loving myself? These help to improve the function of the joints and muscles in order to reduce the possibility of injury or degeneration. Simply put, the better your body functions, the less likely you are to get injured or sick.