Can you Prevent Degeneration?

Let me ask you a question? Does degeneration happen because of age? Most likely you answered yes. Have all of your joints been in your body the same amount of time? Of course they have! So how can one joint degenerate quicker than another? This happens because of JOINT MALFUNCTION, not because of age.

To put it simply. Every joint in your body has a specific function. It should move a certain way and a certain amount. If the joint STOPS FUNCTIONING properly then it will start to break down over time. The worse it is functioning the quicker it breaks down. This is why some people are in their 30’s and have degeneration and others are in there 70’s and don’t have any!

This is why degeneration can be prevented! If the joints in your body are functioning properly they will outlive you, will not degenerate, and therefore will not cause you pain and discomfort.

I’ve heard it many times before. “You’ve got the spine of a 70 year old” This simply is not the case and is a terrible way of judging the “Age” of any joint in your body. The proper way is to judge its function.

The proper way is to test the FUNCTION of the joints as to whether they are working properly or not. If they are not then the joint will have too much pressure on it (restriction), then the muscle will start to tighten up (tension/spasm) , then damage will occur (pain), and then the joint will degenerate.

How can we help? We recommend preventative treatment which in a healthy person might only be one treatment every 3 months! The goal is to keep the joints functional which keeps them mobile and healthy!

Why wait until you have pain? It takes longer to treat, it is harder to heal, and you still have to improve the joint and muscle function!

We offer a free consultation for this reason. People can come in and we will evaluate every joint in the body! There are over 200 joints! Are you sure they are all working properly?

Yeah…We help that!