The Truth About Multivitamins!

There is a lot of debate about whether someone should take multivitamins or not. Which brand is the best? Are they helpful or harmful? Well, here is the simple truth.

1) There are two different types of multivitamins? You have a choice between Synthetic (AKA isolated) or Whole Food.

Synthetic (isolated) – Made in a lab, Cheaper to produce, harder to break down, only part of the complete vitamin

Whole food – Nutrition harvested from organic plants, easier to break down, the whole vitamin complex.

2) What is the “Vitamin Complex”? First of all you have to understand the “vitamin complex”. You probably have heard Vitamin A complex, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C complex, Vitamin D complex, Vitamin E complex…. you get the point. The point to understand is that all vitamins are “complex” meaning they have more than one part. Vitamins have hundreds of parts to them. So if you are not getting the Whole Food Vitamin Complex then you are only getting one part of the vitamin.

When you take a synthetic or isolated vitamin you are getting one part of the whole vitamin. It’s like saying I am going to give you a car complex as tires. So I will give you the tires and you need to find the other parts in order to get the whole car.

3) How do you know if it is whole food or synthetic/isolated?

a) If you look at the label and see “as” behind the vitamin. For instance Vitamin A as Beta Carotene or Vitamin C as ascorbic acid it is a synthetic/isolated vitamin.

b) Look at the percentage of daily value. If more than a couple of the vitamins have more than 100% of your daily value you are getting a synthetic or isolated vitamin.

c) Look at the size of the pill. Whole food multivitamins don’t have any fillers so they are small like the size of the tip of your pinky finger. If the pill is the size of a spoon it is isolated and you are thinking “how am I going to swallow this?” it is synthetic/isolated.

d) Read the label. If the label if full of words that you don’t understand or chemical compounds that don’t make sense then it is synthetic/isolated. If it is whole food it will say thinks like beet extract or carrot root. Words you understand.

4) What’s the difference

Synthetic ( Isolated) – Most companies choose this method because it is more profitable because they are easier to mass produce. The problem is that they are harder for your body to use.

Whole Food –

5)What do we recommend.

Take Whole Food Supplements and Vitamins for 2 reasons!

a) We don’t eat the foods that we should eat. Therefore we don’t get the amount of nutrition we should.

b) Even if we do eat the amount of fruits and vegetables we should it has been proven they are not as nutrient rich as they used to be. Studies show a reduction of nutrition in foods up to 50% due to pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers.

The main company we use for our patients is Standard Process. They own their own Organic Farms and process the vitamins as well. This way they control the whole process for maximum results.