Think Positive for your Health

Think Positive for Your Health

October is Positive Attitude Month! Your thoughts matter more than you think!

Studies show people who see the glass half-full reap the benefits of lower stress levels resulting in a longer life span, lower instance of cardiovascular disease, lower chance of depression, better resistance to illnesses such as the common cold due to a higher immune system and better coping skills when life’s challenges present themselves.

How do you accomplish this, you ask? By practicing the following every day your results will be a more positive attitude and therefore, better health.

Gratitude. Be grateful for everything in your life. Dr. Pursley likes to use a bull’s eye approach. Start in the center with the things closest to you: your health, family, pet, house, car, job and food are some examples. Next, expand your gratefulness. Your friends, the road you didn’t have to pave to get to work, the trials you have been through that taught you a lesson. Continue until you have been grateful for everything you can think of.

Compliment Others. Try this for one day; it will without a doubt boost your attitude. It is uplifting and positive, which in turn will make you feel the same. Be sincere and make a point to compliment anyone you see. Trust me, everyone has something – a trait, a way of being, a way of interacting with the world – that deserves a compliment.

Observe your strength. Make a list of the strengths you possess. Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On the left, write your strengths, and on the right, write the things you need to work on. You have more strengths and worth than you know Recognize yourself for them!

After mastering these, you will find you are able to forgive yourself and others for mistakes, that you have more self-control in a crisis and that you are surrounded by other positive people.